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        This July, the Goat Community will be broadcasting its Second Chapter Magic Mountains Event, exclusively on Ibiza Live Radio. The event will take place on July 9th at the São Macário hill in Portugal, and will feature an absolutely talented lineup including Yokoo, Parallells, KlinKlop, Shrumate, PauloPg, and Mendes. If you […]

Ibiza people returning to Cova Santa this summer for another “People from Ibiza” party The people of Ibiza are some of the most party-oriented in the world. And this summer, they will be returning to Cova Santa for another “People from Ibiza” party. This exclusive club is known for bringing in some of the biggest […]

Introduction to the metaverse and what it means for artists The metaverse is a new, virtual world that artists can use to express themselves and connect with their fans. It’s a place where the rules of society can be reconfigured, and people can achieve financial freedom through collaboration instead than competition. WEB3.0 & Metaverse: the […]

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