Arguably the most quintessential of Ibiza clubbing experiences, Amnesia has long been the backdrop for some of the island’s most unforgettable clubbing moments. Two massive rooms – the Main Room, a dark, cavernous cauldron, and the Terrace, an expansive arena with a glass roof that is flooded with light when the sun rises – are guarded by the notorious Amnesia ice cannons that could strike at any time.

Very eclectic in its programming, Amnesia covers the best of Techno, House and Latin. Like all the super-clubs, Amnesia’s main dancefloors can get extremely busy and are famed for incredible communal moments with every hand in the air. The upper levels of Amnesia are VIP, providing an amazing view of the revelry below. Often you can upgrade to get access here and escape the madness below.

Amnesia has been making history on the island for over 40 years, picking up numerous industry awards during that time, as well as being the subject of much folklore. It’s for all these reasons and more, that Amnesia has become synonymous with Ibiza’s nightlife and a beacon for clubbers from all over the world. A holiday without a night at Amnesia just wouldn’t be the same.

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