“The Pete Tong DJ Academy: Building Your DJ Career with Expert Insights” The Pete Tong DJ Academy made waves when it was presented at the International Music Summit (IMS) as a new platform for experienced DJs to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. Recently, the academy hosted an event that featured a panel […]

IBIZA LIVE RADIO RESIDENT DJ PAUL ROSS decided to present his event Love Connection D´Ibiza this year in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, during the world famous Carnaval Do Brazil. The days around the 11th February are full of huge organized street parades led by samba schools and other happenings and on February 13th, […]

Technology allows us to broadcast from almost all places worldwide – ok, we need some internet connection… but apart from that, we can do it live from big cities, tiny clubs, festivals, rooftop terraces, your home and other secret places 🙂 And of course, also opposite of the magic island Es Vedra, where many mysterious […]

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