IBIZA LIVE RADIO is a 24/7 internet and terrestrial station (103.7 FM in Ibiza), with a finest choice of electronic music, from Chillout / Lounge to Deep and Vocal House to Techno, provided by selected DJs and labels based in Ibiza and worldwide.

Since 2013 Ibiza Live Radio has been an integral part of the music scene in Ibiza and is now an established brand, a platform which connects music professionals and consumers alike.

Ibiza Live Radio is totally independent and sets up shop anywhere. In the middle of the desert, from big rocks above the sea, a rooftop terrace, somebody’s living room, a lonely island or the top of a mountain…. our innovative and flexible concept allows to stream from almost any location.

The station also produces professional video footage and streams  from the most beautiful spots on the island.

Ibiza is the homebase, and will always be…. we collaborate with clubs, bars, or beach places on the Island, but we also represent in many other countries around the world.

Apart from a selected program with the latest electronic music the brand offers professional services such as sound design concepts and solutions for the next generation of digital entertainment.

Check our schedule and the concept will explain itself through listening to Real Ibiza Vibes.

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