Asia based dj/producer AnVetta was born in Ukraine and started her DJ career in 2007. Additionally, she performed mixing videos as a VJ. Finally, AnVetta decided to DJ only and to devote herself to music entirely.

2008-2009 she started to be a regular guest at “Fashion club” Lviv city. She organized weekly pre party sessions at the terrace with selected soulful house music and created many collaboration with live artists and singers. End of 2009 she became resident at Fashion club and regular guest in other city nightclubs of her hometown.

2009-2010 “Last Summer Fest Fest

IN THE NAME OF KINDNESS” Lavra Gallery (Kiev)

Zanzibar club (Lviv)

Phenomen night club (Lviv)

Festival “ZanZibar Da4a”, lineup with Marco Bailey, DJ Kon,Dj Spartaque, Robert Babicz , Oliver Huntemann etc.

2010-2014 AnVetta continued working around the Ukraine, residence job in Kiev “FoodTourist” (lounge and bar). and in Lviv as music director at “Fashion Club”.

In the beginning of 2014 AnVetta moved to China. First city was Guangzhou (“Rich baby” / “Facebook” / “Wawe” / Hyper night club)

During 2014-2016 she played as a guest and resident DJ laround biggest China mega cities (Beijing, Shanghai , Guangzhou , Hong Kong , Shenzhen…)

“JJ” night club Sanya city Hainan island

“Circle” night club Beijing

“Oscar” night club Changzhou

“Lite” night club Shanghai

“Leo” night club Suzhou

“HY” night club Wenzhou

“Hepburn” night club Guangzhou

As guest DJ for brands like “Mercedes” , “Honda” , “Lamborgini” , “Audi” , “Lexus” etc.

Testimonial dj “Budweiser” for China tour .

End 2016 she was back in Guangzhou and started to cooperate with “Asia Radar” , “Studio 21”. Regular guest “Code Red” / “Hangover” / “Window”. Resident “Song song” lounge bar / “Hide” lounge bar

2019 was full of new experiences and good results. In summer she came to Ibiza and started there to collaborate with “Ibiza Live Radio” and played as a guest at “Good life” ,and “Sea Soul Beach club”.

In August she released her first track:

AnVetta and CyberChild – This is house (Original mix) Taiji records CHN

Cosmo and AnVetta – This is House Peach (Dizz Martin rmx) Electronic Tree PLN

In October she was part of the “Ibiza Live Radio” showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event 2019. She had successful tours with the radio in Ukraine in October and in China in November:

Hangover/Fuel/Code Red – Guangzhou city

Baia rooftop – Shenzhen

China garden festival / afterparty at Woo Bar

W-hotel in Suzhou)

Also in 2019 she started her exclusive radio show “Silk Road fairy tales” on air monthly on Ibiza Live Radio.

Beginning 2020 AnVetta moved for a while to Bali and was a regular guest at “Red Ruby” night club.

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