MIXCONline #3 – Artist Management in 2020

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MIXCONline Episode 3 – Artist Management in 2020

In the third MIXCON online we are talking about Artist Management in 2020.
Our host ASK:ME discusses actual topics and the special issues this very complicated year holds for Artists and their Management.
Please welcome our speakers:
– Markus Nisch (Booker/Manager u.a. andhim, Return Booking, Initiator of Booking United)
– Michael Weicker (Manager MARCEL DETTMANN & Booker LOCO DICE)
– Hatim el Khatib (Manager Nicky Romero)
– Frank Klein (Manager Robin Schulz, Alle Farben, HUGEL)

Join us: June 30, 8pm CET on —— >

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