ON AIR: FLUENT radio show – 1st Monday/month / 9 – 10 PM (CET) – 3 – 4 PM (Washington D.C.)

Heather’s first career was in the fashion industry. As the Corporate Fashion Director for a national retailer in the US, Heather created soundtracks to designer fashion events across the country. Cool hunting in night spots for fashion trends and fresh music, in New York, and other major cities, was part of the job. This exposed her to many of the all time great DJ’s who played iconic parties in the 80’s and 90’s. She also devoured the music compilations coming out of Ibiza at that time; in both uptempo and downtempo moods. After visiting Ibiza the first time years ago, it has become a yearly must for inspiration. Her initial desire to be a DJ was really about sharing music she loved beyond the runway. Now, working exclusively in music for over a decade, Heather has been responsible for the musical backdrop to high profile parties in Washington; in grand locations such as on The National Mall or in New York at Grand Central Station. She has even played under the tents for Cirque de Soleil. But her greatest musical joy, comes from the freedom when playing in distinguished Washington underground haunts. Classic house, deep house, and even disco are a huge part of her musical identity. Recently, possibly sparked by other travels to Greece and Tulum; an affinity for even deeper sounds, and more exotic feeling inspires her most. The hope with the Ibiza Live Radio Show, Fluent, is to present great music in a personal, artful and sincere way that takes listeners on their own journey.

Website: https://www.djheatherfemia.com

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