Wicked 7

ON AIR: Saturdays 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM (CET)

Wicked 7 Network
It’s a Creative Business Network.

An organization run and owned by its own shareholders and members who have been chosen among selected international brands within the many professions of this community’s lifestyle.
This network, consists of numerous shareholders involved in the music industry across the world headed by Angela Caruccio, overall business owner. Industry links have been created over 23 years. Wicked 7 creates events, has a radio show, produces music albums, manages artists bookings, collaborates to MAZI events in London at Plateau restaurant in Canary Wharf and is planning a “Wicked 7 Ying & Yang Lifestyle Festival” launching the KoK-oc Clubs & Event Awards in London on the 1st May 2015.
Future projections are aiming to have a magazine, a Music Program in TV and eventually Movies.
WICKED 7 is an “Avant-Garde” Creative Arts Movement, the 1st of our 21st century that embraces all creative activities within this community lifestyle.
It’s originated from the Sub Culture of Electronic Music, the rebels music genre of our society that since the 80s, keeps itself always fresh, forward thinking, contemporary and alternative to the mainstream.
It’s also well known from bringing back to the future the best of the old cultures. By mixing in them, newest and most trendy elements of a forward thinking moment in time, it gives a facelift to classics, and allows them to live again. Selected are only the best from the past that are positive, inspiring, challenging, uplifting.
WICKED 7 is establishing as the newest and fast growing Art Movement that reflects our contemporary globalized world economy within all creative arts, mainly in the music of course. It is an ART movement that cannot be framed into a time period and just like Electronic Music, is always in constant evolution.

Advertising is the soul of TRADE, and graphic art is the most authentic reflex of today reality especially in the event’s promotions.
WICKED 7 encompasses:
Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Events, Fundraising
It’s a Creative Businesses Support encompassing several publicity tools

Currently running are:
Radio Shows, Record Label’s Eps, Showcasing Events; Artists Booking management.

Up and coming are:
Awards, Trade Fairs, Festivals, Magazine, Movies etc.

These publicity tools are used to showcase: a certain category of djs, all kind of artists and selected Businesses. All that have a Social Conscience, Business Integrity, High Quality standards. Electronic Music is always evolving in new styles all the time, we support experimental, innovative, forward thinking enterprises always in constant evolution like electronic music.

Angela Caruccio / Founder 

artistic name : madaM Key 

Angela Caruccio is multi-lingual an Italian business woman who has been living in London for 23 years. Her background is in a number of industries.
We wish to promote electronic music whilst supporting the local community through fund raising for Mental Health, Climate Change and Creative Business.

WICKED 7 is a fast growing brand.

Current track