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Data Protection

As long as Live Style Media Group exists, privacy and respect for our users are close to our hearts. The protection of our users’ personal data is extremely important to us and we do everything we can to ensure your safety. We take your trust and privacy rights seriously and strive ceaselessly to keep your digital footprint as small as possible and under your control. However, to support your workflow and to improve and ensure our service delivery, we still need to process some personal data. This statement applies to data processing activities within Live Style Media Group’s services, software, websites (including browser extensions) and/or applications (collectively, “Services”) The Services enable you to pay for, create, share, receive, collect, capture and/or visualize ideas, text, graphics, video, data, information, files, presentations or other content (collectively, “Content”). The Services may be provided online, in the form of mobile applications and/or desktop applications, or incorporated into third-party services. By using any of the Services or an Account, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Privacy and Cookie Policy below. To make this statement easy to read, there is a pop-up text for each item that contains a brief explanation followed by a more formal statement.

Delete Cookies‍

We use cookies to store relevant data to optimize your experience at Live Style Media Group. You can delete all data stored in our cookies here. You are currently logged in, after deleting the cookies you will be logged out. Past transfers on your account will not be affected.

What data do we collect?

We collect some personal information to enable you to use our Services. This personal data can be collected in different ways: It is either given to us by you or collected automatically through our Services. Depending on which Services are used and how, different types of personal data may be collected. The section “What rights do you have as a user?” describes how you can request, change or delete your personal data.

Personal data provided by you

Live Style Media Group UG collects, processes or hosts the personal information you provide.

  • Contact details: Your name and email address or the email addresses of the recipient(s).
  • Personal data: Age, gender, place of residence.
  • Preferences: e.g. language settings or areas of interest
  • Content and metadata: You can create or upload content that contains all sorts of personal information about you and others. This content also includes a file name, file size, and file type.
  • Personal messages: The messages you send to the recipients along with your files.

The person who uploads or creates the content is responsible for its legality. In doing so, our terms of use must be complied with. Live Style Media Group processes the content only within the scope of its service. If you upload, send or create personal data using one of our services, you can request a data processing agreement at

Automatically collected personal data

Live Style Media Group also uses automated processes to collect personal information while you are using our Services.

  • Browser information: Browser type, language settings, country, and time zone.
  • Information from cookies or web beacons: Cookie IDs and settings and other personal data collected via cookies, web beacons or tracking pixels. You can read more about this in the section “Why and how are cookies used?”.
  • Device Information: Device type, hardware model, and operating system.Identifier data: unique identifiers, such as an IDFA (for iOS), a MAC address, or a user ID.Network information: IP addresses and cellular network data.
  • Location data: Your geo-location data. We use your device-based precise GPS location only after obtaining your consent.
  • Service Usage: Information about your interaction with our services, websites and mobile apps.

Personal data transmitted by partners

In some cases, we receive personal data from third parties, for example:

  • Embedding Data: Our Services can be integrated with accounts on social media or messaging services, such as Slack, as needed to have comprehensive messaging capabilities.
  • Marketing Data: Some of our partners may provide us with (aggregated) data, for example via their software development kits (SDK). This may include demographic or behavioral data that helps us personalize content, ads and offers and find the right audience for our advertising.
  • Legal Information: If we are required to delete content by court or regulatory order, we may obtain data about you and your behavior in the first instance.

Why we use your personal data

We use your personal data to provide and improve our Services, to comply with legal obligations, to promote our Services and to ensure the security of our Services. The following describes exactly how we use your personal data and the legal basis on which we do so.

Processing activities and purposes‍

  • Services: First and foremost, of course, your personal information is used to provide you with our services described in our Terms of Use, so that you can, for example, create or visualize content, share ideas, and access and use your content on various devices.
  • Support: We offer a wide range of support services to help you with all kinds of problems, for example, if you need technical support. If you need help, the support team can access your content at your request.
  • Account and Billing: We use your personal information to set up and maintain your personal account, for example, to allow you to create an address book and access content on different devices, to facilitate payment of your subscription fee, and for our accounting, billing, and auditing purposes.
  • Security and Integrity: Live Style Media Group investigates reports of abuse and cooperates with NTD/DMCA proceedings and fraud investigations. In addition, Live Style Media Group may investigate whether you are complying with the Terms of Service and/or API Terms of Use. Child sexual abuse images will be detected and suppressed. Upon discovery of a suspicious image, an automated decision will follow as to whether it is a possible child sexual abuse image. Such cases are immediately reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. We also protect against fraud and other unlawful acts. In all such cases, we reserve the right to withhold your content and share it with law enforcement along with other identifying information. Finally, we may use your personal information for internal control purposes to ensure your and our security and integrity. For example, if we suspect a breach of our Terms of Use or API Terms of Use.
  • Improvement and Development: We evaluate the use of our Services in order to use the results to improve our Services, fix bugs, and develop new products and services. To do this, we either conduct market research (for example, through surveys) or we perform analytics (for example, by tracking and aggregating your personal data across services and mobile devices). We do this to gain a better understanding of how our user community as a whole engages with our Services, but also to determine the effectiveness of our advertising and improve our Services and advertising accordingly.
  • Marketing, advertising and communication: We use your personal data for marketing purposes, for the placement of interest-based advertising, for example by means of SDK or cookies, and for communication with you. This includes updates on new services, but also personalized advertising for Live Style Media Group or our partners, which we may place on our websites or third-party websites. To find the right audience for our ads, we target specific groups of people. For example, people who use services similar to ours, have the same characteristics as our current users, or live in a certain geographic region, such as in and around Munich. To address our target group, we can use so-called sequential messaging, basically a form of storytelling. You will then be shown a different ad in a different form every time you use our services on a different device, with all these ads being part of the same story. In addition, we may show you ads for one of our (other) services or opportunities based on your interaction with our Services on your devices. Finally, we may allow you to participate in (personalized) promotions, special offers or events.
  • Legal Reasons: Where appropriate, we may be required to disclose your personal information for our defense in a legal proceeding related to or arising out of your use of our Services, pursuant to a court order, applicable law, regulation or governmental request, to cooperate with law enforcement authorities, to cooperate in a third party fraud investigation, to protect public safety, including national security and defense interests, and to comply with our Terms of Use.

Legal Basis

Each processing activity has a valid legal basis. An overview of this follows below.

  • Contractual obligations towards you: This relates to the activities and purposes under 1, 2 and 3. The processing of personal data is necessary for us to provide our services via our websites and mobile apps, to provide (technical) support and to bill subscription fees.
  • Legal Obligations: This relates to the activities and purposes under 3, 4 and 7. We are required by law to process your personal data for accounting purposes as well as in response to a legal request, notice-and-takedown request or DMCA request.
  • Consent: This relates (in part) to the activities and purposes under 2 (e.g., accessing your content for support purposes) and 6 (except when we direct marketing messages related to our own and similar services to paid users).
  • Legitimate Interests: This relates (in part) to the activities and purposes under 1 and 3 (e.g., to enable cross-device access), the purposes under 4 to ensure the security of our Services, prevent fraud and address unlawful use of our Services, our innovation interests described under 5, and finally the (direct) marketing and branding interests described under 6 and the purpose of compliance with legal obligations described under 7. If we use your personal data on the basis of legitimate interests of a third party, these interests will always be carefully weighed against your rights and freedoms. If you wish to object to the processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interests to the extent possible and there is no opt-out option in your account settings or in our correspondence, please contact us at

To whom do we disclose personal data?

We work with several partners to operate and improve our Services. In addition, we may share your information or allow you to do so as part of some of our Services.

  • Service Providers: These include, but are not limited to, our hosting provider, our support service provider, our IT service provider, our software suppliers, our payment processors, our email processors, and our auditor.
  • People and (social) media of your choice: You can choose to share your content with others, for example with teammates, within our Services or via (social) media such as Twitter.
  • law enforcement or regulatory authorities: In the event of a legal request, we are required to disclose your personal information. If we come across child sexual abuse images or are made aware of unlawful content, we will also disclose your personal data to law enforcement authorities.
  • Business partners: For our (interest-based) advertising, branding and customer targeting, we work with advertising partners, marketing and communications agencies. Our advertising partners set their own tracking cookies, which are subject to the terms of use and privacy and cookie policies of the relevant partners. You can find a list of all third-party cookies and their privacy policies (here.)
  • Connected Services: When you connect one or more of our Services to another service (e.g., Slack or your social media account), we connect that service to ours. To accomplish this, we must share some of your personal information with the third-party service. The terms of use as well as the privacy and cookie policy of the third party provider will then apply, in any case for its part of the connection.
  • Live Style Media Group Companies: In order to provide our Services and for all of the purposes set forth in “Why do we use your personal information?”, we mutually exchange personal information with the companies that are part of the Live Style Media Group.

We operate globally, which means that we may store personal data in or transfer personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The same data protection laws apply in these countries. However, when we transfer and host data globally, we take appropriate safeguards to ensure that your personal data is protected to a comparable extent as in the EEA. For example, we ensure that the receiving partner is certified for the EU-US Privacy Shield or we agree on the EU standard contractual clauses with them.

EU-US Privacy Shield Our subsidiary in the United States, Live Style Media Group Corp, is committed to complying with the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement published by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the storage and use of personal data from the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom. Live Style Media Group Corp adheres to the principles of the EU-US Privacy Shield and is subject to oversight by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Please submit any complaints regarding the transfer of your personal data to the US directly to us in the first instance at The Association of European Data Protection Authorities (the DPA Panel) acts as an independent appeals body for complaints relating to the EU-US Privacy Shield. The investigation of such complaints is free of charge for you. You can find the contact details of the data protection authority responsible for you here. If your concern is not resolved by the DPA Panel, you may be entitled to binding arbitration in accordance with the principles of the EU-US Privacy Shield. You can view our certificate here. For more information about the EU-US Privacy Shield, please visit

Why and how are coockies used?

We set cookies with the intention of further improving Live Style Media Group. We strive to make our services safe, attractive and unobtrusive. Feel free to block cookies, but you risk making our services work less well.

We store cookies (or similar technologies such as pixels or web beacons) on your device to facilitate your use of our Services and to determine how we can improve the Services. We or our advertising partners also use cookies on our websites. Because we operate globally, these partners may vary by country. When our advertising partners set cookies, those cookies may use personal information to measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by your browser when you visit a website. They may be used, for example, to remember language preferences, enable automatic logins, store login information, serve personalized ads, and retain your consent to the Terms of Use and Privacy and Cookie Policy. Our website may use the following cookies for the following purposes:

  • Functional cookies are used to provide functions when using our services, for example, the ability to specify preferences and save settings once made.
  • Analytics cookies are used to optimize our services. For example, to optimize the usability of our website by A/B testing new opportunities, to make the website more user-friendly, and to gain insight into how our services are used. Analytics cookies are also used to help combat bots and threats such as spam. Among the analytics cookies used may be third-party cookies, please see the cookie list. These third-party analytics cookies process personal data, which is also described in detail on the cookie list.
  • Advertising cookies are used for advertising, editorial and promotional purposes. These cookies can be used to track your internet and browsing behavior across multiple domains and websites. Live Style Media Group only tracks the (one) website you visited immediately before ours. We do not record which website you visit after ours. Advertising cookies are often used by third party vendors to measure the effectiveness of their advertising and to track your internet and browsing behavior on other domains and websites where they have set cookies. Live Style Media Group does not have access to or control over the personal information collected through these cookies or other features used by advertisers and third-party vendors. Our Privacy and Cookie Policy does not apply to these third-party cookies, and we refer you to the privacy statements of the relevant third-party vendors for information about their handling of personal data. A list of the limited number of third-party cookies and links to their privacy statements can be found here.
  • Tracking pixels or web beacons are snippets of code embedded in the website that collect personal data about user engagement on the respective website. The use of this pixel allows us, for example, to register that a user has visited a certain website or clicked on a certain advertisement. It also allows us to determine from which website or channel a user arrived at our website.

Here you will find an exhaustive cookielist, which is updated at least four times a year. Due to the changing nature of our services, the cookie list may not be completely up to date. If you wish to delete certain cookies or prevent them from being stored in your browser, you can change the cookie settings in your browser to do so. In most browsers, these settings are located on the “Privacy” tab under the Internet options. Here you can adjust the cookie settings or delete cookies. If you delete or reject cookies from Live Style Media Group, you should bear in mind that the services may not function optimally.

Can Live Style Media Group be used for private or confidential data?

We keep your content confidential. We do not provide any public search function, overview or list for finding content. I’m sure you understand that we consider it our moral duty to prevent the distribution of child sexual abuse images and therefore use automated systems to detect such content. Finally, we are obligated to delete your content if we receive a notice-and-takedown request or DMCA request, or if a legal complaint is filed against us. Please consider caution when sending download/access links – anyone who receives or has access to a download/access link can access and download the content in question. To increase the protection and security of your data, you can use our password protection option (if available) for your files.

What storage procedures are used?

The retention period for personal data depends on the service you use and the category of personal data. Check the websites or apps of the relevant services to see what specific retention periods apply to your data.

Personal data

Live Style Media Group retains your personal information for as long as necessary to provide our services to you (e.g., maintain your account), conduct our business, and pursue our legitimate interests. This includes, but is not limited to, providing secure services, fixing bugs, communicating with you, complying with applicable laws (e.g., retaining financial data for tax purposes for a period of seven years), complying with legal requests, and resolving (legal) disputes.

Files transferred by you

When using Live Style Media Group File Sharing, your content will be deleted after 14 days. After this period, files are automatically deleted from our servers. The personal data transmitted along with your data will be stored for a maximum of twelve months. Such personal data can only be accessed by very few people at Live Style Media Group namely those who need it to carry out their activities, for example, to provide you with support. Data older than twelve months will be purged from the database, pseudonymized or anonymized for analysis purposes. When we pseudonymize your personal data, we do not use your e-mail address or IP address for analysis purposes, but create a random pseudonym for both addresses and use it in their place. In this way, we do not come into direct contact with personal data that could indicate the identity of the person, which is data protection-friendly.

Content created, used, stored, or shared by you using services other than file sharing services.

Content that you create, use, store, or share using any of our Services, but not the File Sharing Service, will generally be retained until you stop interacting with our Service(s), remove your Content from the Service(s), delete the Service(s) from your device(s), or delete your account. Always check the websites or apps of the applicable Services you use for specific information.

How secure is it to use our services?

Live Style Media takes technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss and other unlawful processing. We ensure that your personal data can only be accessed by persons who need it to carry out their activities and who have the necessary authorizations. This means that we keep logs of who has access to personal data, limit the number of people who can access the data, and ensure that personal data can only be read, copied, modified, or deleted by authorized employees. To ensure the security and accuracy of personal information, we monitor activity within our organization. Live Style Media Group employees are required to adhere to company policies regarding confidentiality, ethics, and the appropriate use of personal information. All employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Content is encrypted during upload, storage on our servers, and download and is only transmitted over a secure connection (https). The servers where we store content for you are secure and comply with the GDPR.

Are minors allowed to use our service?

Our Website, Apps and/or Services may only be used by persons who are 16 years of age or older. Persons under the age of 16 may use our Website, Apps and/or Services only with the consent of their parents or legal guardians. Minors under the age of 13 in the United States are prohibited from using our Services.

What rights do you have as a user?

If you want to know more about your personal data, you can contact us at any time. We may ask you for proof of identity. If you no longer want us to process your personal data, please let us know.

Here’s what you can ask from Live Style Media Group:

  • Give you access to your personal data, provide you with a copy of this data or correct this data
  • In certain cases: Delete your personal data or block or restrict our use of that data.
  • In certain cases: To transfer your personal data to third parties

You can simply contact us by e-mail at In the subject line, please clearly state that your message relates to data protection and more specifically whether you wish to inspect, correct or delete your data. Please note that Live Style Media Group may ask for additional information to verify your identity.

Right to object

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data, for example, if the legal basis for this processing is a legitimate business interest of Live Style Media Group (see the subsection “Legal bases”). As soon as you inform us that you no longer want us to process your personal data or contact you, we will move your personal data to a separate file. Your personal data will then no longer be used for the purposes mentioned above, unless our legitimate interest, for example ensuring security, outweighs your right to object. You can send a request to this effect to Please clearly indicate that your message is related to data protection, and more specifically that you wish to exercise your right to object.

If we have violated your privacy rights in your opinion, you can file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. In particular, you can file your complaint in the country where you live, where you work or where you believe we have violated your rights.

Revocation of consent

You have the right to revoke your consent given to us for the processing of your personal data at any time, whereby this revocation does not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent until the revocation. If you revoke your consent, we can no longer process the personal data that we have received on the basis of your consent.

California consumers

If you are a citizen of the State of California, pursuant to certain restrictions under California Civil Code Article 1798.83, you may request that we provide you with (i) a list of certain categories of personal information that we disclosed to certain third parties for their direct marketing purposes during the immediately preceding calendar year and (ii) the identity of certain third party marketers that received personal information from us for their direct marketing purposes during the immediately preceding calendar year. However, pursuant to the foregoing, we do not share your personal information with marketers.

Contact Live Style Media Group

Our support team can be reached at If you have any questions, please send us an email in English or German so that we can help you in the best possible way. If you would like to know how Live Style Media Group processes your personal data or what data Live Style Media Group stores about you, please send an email with your question to Live Style Media Group at We speak English and German. You can contact our data protection officer via email at

Change in Privacy and Cookie Policy

Please be advised that Live Style Media Group may revise this Privacy and Cookie Policy from time to time. Any revised version will be dated and posted on the Site. Live Style Media recommends that you review the Terms of Use periodically to be aware of any changes. If you do not agree with the Privacy and Cookie Policy, you should not (continue to) access or use the Website and/or our Services. By continuing to use the Website and/or Services, you agree to any changes to the Privacy and Cookie Policy.


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