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Travelling for many years and experimenting with music makes you meet many interesting people. The exchange of ideas and point of views makes you see things from another perspective. This is the case with Alex Ferrer, a former Spanish diplomat, who decided to change the bureaucrats for legendary house producers. After a few years of touring the five continents, and meeting with some of the greatest artists in the scene, he decided to immerse himself in the music world with the releasing of a new record label, cleverly tributing the name to his former career.
Deeplomatic Recordings was born in London, United King- dom in late 2013 with the idea of unifying some of the best artists of the scene into one label, and promote Deep House Music internationally. Releasing its first EP in September 2014, Deeplomatic has become one of the most prolific Deep House labels worldwide, releasing music from some of the top stalwarts in the industry and creating stunning parties in
the most iconic places.

ON AIR 1st Thursday of the month 11 PM (CET)

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