by DJ Trevor Ricci

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SUNDAY 3:00 pm 5:00 pm

by DJ Trevor Ricci

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Sundays From Harlem is 'The House Music show that's more Cool Jazz than fist pump.' Trevor Ricci doesn't focus on playing House Music for a dance floor. Instead, he plays music for the people who simply want to LISTEN to beautiful and interesting House Music. There are some amazing tracks that aren't dance floor friendly, yet are still works of art and this is the kind of House Music that Sundays From Harlem provides. Sundays From Harlem isn't about playing loud club bangers, or trying to recreate the playlist you heard at a club on Friday or Saturday night. Sundays From Harlem is the smooth and easy House Music show where you can find lush, musical and beautiful sounds each Sunday on

Listen to some of his recent shows here ->SUNDAYS FROM HARLEM - BY DJ TREVOR RICCI

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