Title: “ADE 2023 Unveils Unique Collaboration: Where Art and Music Converge” The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has just revealed its thrilling and complete lineup for 2023, featuring a groundbreaking collaboration with the iconic Rijksmuseum and renowned DJ upsammy. The Official Opening Event, titled “Breathe, Walk, Die,” promises an extraordinary blend of art and music. Set […]

Amsterdam Dance Event 2023: Where Innovation Meets Music Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has unveiled its exciting lineup for 2023, promising a groundbreaking conference program that delves into the heart of the electronic music industry. With speakers ranging from legendary DJs to tech innovators, this year’s ADE Pro is set to be a transformative experience for […]

In the heart of the newly reimagined Ocean Drive Hotel, a tale unfolded – one where I found myself in conversation with none other than Ferry Corsten.   The Ocean Drive Ibiza, a captivating legend in its own right, draws inspiration from South Beach’s architecture and the vivacity of 1920s New York. Here, the rhythms […]

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