IMS Conference 2023 Speakers Unveiled!

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IMS Conference 2023 Speakers Unveiled!


Meet the First Ten Speakers at IMS Ibiza 2023: A Diverse and Progressive Lineup

Get ready to Face the Future with the first ten speakers announced for this year's IMS Ibiza conference.
With topics ranging from AI to neurodiversity, the lineup promises to offer a diverse and progressive perspective on the key issues of today.
1. Keynote Interview: Max Lousada on His Vision for the Future of Recorded Music Operations

Max Lousada, CEO of Recorded Music at Warner Music Group, will kick things off with a keynote interview reflecting on his long and influential career in the music industry. He'll share his vision for the future of WMG's global recorded music operations and lift the lid on his deep affinity for Ibiza and electronic music.

2. In Conversation with SHERELLE, Fabio & Grooverider: Shaping the Sound of UK Club Culture

Next up, BBC Radio 1 Resident SHERELLE will be joined in conversation with pioneering DJ duo Fabio & Grooverider. Together, they'll discuss their contributions to UK club culture and how they shaped the sound of drum 'n' bass.

3. Reclaiming Your Rights: A Case Study with Ben Mawson of TaP Music

Ben Mawson, Co-Founder of TaP Music, will present a fascinating case study on how his company spearheaded the lawsuit that led to house legends Larry Head and Robert Owens winning a major court battle to reclaim the rights to their back catalogue after decades of struggle.

4. Taking Care of Lady Busine$$: Jennifer Justice and TOKiMONSTA Discuss the Future of Web3 Music

Jennifer Justice, Founder/CEO of The Justice Dept, will join TOKiMONSTA in a live recording of the 'Takin' Care of Lady Busine$$' podcast. They'll discuss the latter's new venture as Co-Founder of SONA, a web3-based music protocol putting artists in control of the culture they create.

5. Fat Tony's Journey: From London's Hedonistic Club Scene to Rehab and Recovery

Fat Tony will share the journey of his ascent to kingpin of the 80s and 90s club scene as one of London's most notoriously hedonistic DJs, to rehab and recovery, in an intimate and revealing keynote interview.

6. Planet in Progress: LP Giobbi's FoundationFM Workshop on Sound Production and Design

LP Giobbi will lead a workshop to teach key skills in Sound Production, Engineering and Design for women, queer and non-binary folk.

7. Social Media as a Canvas: Elijah's Workshop on Building Resonant Brands and Getting Your Voice Heard

Elijah, Founder of Make The Ting, will present his workshop "Social Media As A Canvas', sharing his wisdom and expertise around cutting through the noise on social media to build resonant brands and get your voice heard as an artist.

8. Trust the Process: Cristiana Simon on Her Experiences as Manager of Grammy-Award Winning Artist Black Coffee

In 'Trust The Process', Cristiana Simon, manager of Grammy-Award winning artist Black Coffee, will share her experiences of taking a leap of faith as a young manager.

9. Agent vs. Promoter: Tom Schroeder Debates the Future of the Music Industry

Tom Schroeder, Executive VP of Wasserman, will go head-to-head with a leading promoter in a Presidential Debate on the topic of Agent vs. Promoter.

10. Keynote Interview with David Sinopoli: Building Credibly Curated Festivals and Managing Club Space in Miami

And finally, David Sinopoli, Founder of ili Points and Co-Owner of Club Space, will share some of his secrets around building one of the world's most credibly curated and creatively cutting-edge festivals, and managing one of the world's biggest nightclubs, making Miami one of the most important cities in the global dance landscape.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your badges now and save €160 by booking in before the next price increase. It's time to Face the Future and join the innovators, creators, visionaries and disruptors from across the global electronic music ecosystem at IMS Ibiza 2023.


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