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Seth Troxler

Talk with Seth Troxler


Consider it done!

Yeap! We did it! Short and sweet conversation with amazing Seth Troxler, an icon on Ibiza’s club scene for more than a decade he has been delivering sets that made us dance from dusk till dawn…

Seth Troxler is one of electronic music’s most instantly recognisable characters. He has carved out his own unique path as a cultural commentator, art curator, restaurateur and entrepreneur.

Descended from a family of cowboys and Baptist preachers, he’s part African-American, with a singular approach to viewing the world through the prism of contemporary music culture.


How did it all begin, music connection and your musical career?

Well, it all began by going to rave. I went to rave basically when I was 14 and I have been to a rave every weekend since. I guess my beginning in Ibiza and on the island began with Circoloco the club was closing down and they were looking for a new  resident DJ and I have never been to Ibiza and I became resident DJ Circoloco DC10 and that’s been 13 years ago.

And where is it going?

I mean it’s like Charlie and the chocolate factory on the thing it’s like where it stops nobody knows and I don’t really know where the right ends but I’ve been happy to be on the journey..

Looking backwards on your career and accomplishments can you give an advice to the aspirant musicians today

I mean I was the number DJ a long time ago so that seems like a distant memory, but I feel like I still got it!  I mean, looking back 12 years ago in my life it’s a great accomplishment but you can’t set yourself in these accomplishments of your life. I still think I’m on the best goal scorers in the league. I’m still on the All-Star team, I still got it ! But It’s different time and different people but, yeah, it’s cool!

Describe your creative process.

Well as I was saying on one ADE panel earlier today, I don’t really think about it. I just kind of sit down and see what happens... I start playing with synthesisers, going trough the sounds, seeing where the sounds take me. It’s almost like using a collage, in a way. I just kind of use that to take me to a place. That’s how I make it. I don’t really think about it so much, there’s not like a large incubation period before I make a song, rather than like sit down and f*** about, I guess.

What is your favourite thing about the place you grew up?

I kind of grew up in the farms, you know. I love the smell of cow shit in the morning, I really do, but I guess the thing about growing up in Detroit that’s so incredible is the rich music history that the city offers and to be part of that legacy it has been an honour. But I think the real thing that's incredible is just growing up in the city, that was so devoted to the music and that changed my life.

Fast this or that question.

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs .... f*** cats!

Vinyl or USB?

I’m vinyl guy, but USB because it’s just easier. I’m lazy...

Museum or NFT's?

Museum, obviously!

Sea or mountain?

I like to look at the sea, but I like to be in the mountains.

Nightclubs or festivals?

Nightclubs, yeah!

Sunrises or sunsets?

Oh, sunrises are so much better than sunsets, to see sunrise you feel privileged because not everyone gets to see one. Sunset happens every day. If you are up to see the sunrise, it’s a lucky occasion!

What’s next

I’ve got a whole new album from "Lost Souls Of Saturn". I’ve got a slew of new remixes. I just did a remix for Luis Vega, Hercules Love Affair, DJ Mings and some other stuff I forgot about in this very moment

Last thing you did before coming to ADE?

Well, this is a picture of me and my son, that’s my life I took that right before I left. I took him to the Berlin zoo and yeah I’m very happy to be a father!

Thank you so much IBIZA LIVE RADIO it’s been great talking to you, and in Ibiza I will see you later, consider it done!


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