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The DJ Experience – Interview with Costanze Pucheta

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The DJ Experience – Interview with Costanze Pucheta

Constanza Pucheta

Exploring Creative Process And Audience Engagement With Constanza Pucheta –  In This Exclusive Interview, We Congratulate DJ Costanza Pucheta On Winning The New Talent Award.

Get Ready For A Friendly And Intimate Glimpse Into The World Of DJ Constanza Pucheta, Where Talent And Dedication Meet Boundless Possibilities

Join Us As We Delve Into Her Inspiring Journey, Exploring Her Influences, Challenges, And Triumphs. Discover The Secrets Behind Her Rise, Gain Insights Into Her Creative Process, And Witness The Joy Of Being Recognized For Her Skills And Passion.
1. Congratulations On Winning The New Talent Award! How Does It Feel To Be Recognized For Your Skills And Passion As A DJ?

Thank you so much! Undoubtedly, being recognized by the people whom I admire is something very gratifying. It motivates me to continue on this path, gives me confidence and security.

¡Muchas Gracias! Indudablemente, Ser Reconocido Por Las Personas Que Admiro Es Algo Muy Gratificante. Me Motiva A Seguir En Este Camino, Me Brinda Confianza Y Seguridad.

2. Winning This Award Suggests That You Have A Promising Future Ahead. Are There Any Specific Goals Or Milestones You Hope To Achieve In Your DJing Career?

If there’s one thing I’ve always dreamed of, it’s playing at the best festivals in the world. The feeling of playing with a huge sound system and making so many people vibrate must be incredible. I consider it one of my biggest goals in my DJing career.

Si Hay Algo Que Siempre He Soñado, Es Tocar En Los Mejores Festivales Del Mundo. La Sensación De Tocar Con Un Sistema De Sonido Gigantesco Y Hacer Vibrar A Tanta Gente Debe Ser Increíble. Lo Considero Una De Mis Metas Más Grandes En Mi Carrera Como DJ

3. Can You Tell Us About Your  Journey Into Electronic Music And What Initially Attracted You To The Genre?

My first experience with electronic music was when I was 17 years old. It was my birthday, and I had such a great time that I couldn’t stop listening to that kind of music. At that time, it wasn’t so popular in my hometown, so I had to travel to other cities to listen to the music I liked. Another turning point in my life was when I attended my first massive party in Buenos Aires. The DJ was Carl Cox, and there were around 30,000 people. After that, my objective became to promote this culture in my city, which is why I have always been involved in promoting the electronic music culture.

Mi Primera Experiencia Con La Música Electrónica Fue Cuando Tenía 17 Años. Fue En Mi Cumpleaños Y Lo Pasé Tan Bien Que No Pude Dejar De Escuchar Ese Tipo De Música. En Ese Momento, No Era Tan Popular En Mi Ciudad Natal, Así Que Tuve Que Viajar A Otras Ciudades Para Escuchar La Música Que Me Gustaba. Otro Punto De Inflexión En Mi Vida Fue Cuando Fui A Mi Primera Fiesta Masiva En Buenos Aires. El DJ Era Carl Cox Y Había Alrededor De 30,000 Personas. A Partir De Ese Momento, Mi Objetivo Fue Promover Esta Cultura En Mi Ciudad, Por Eso Siempre He Estado Involucrado/A En La Promoción De La Cultura De La Música Electrónica.

4. How Would You Describe Your Personal Style As A DJ And Who Are Some Of Your Biggest Influences?

I don’t like to be pigeonholed into a single musical genre. The foundation of my style is house, and depending on the context, I enjoy blending it with Deep House, Funky House, Jacking House, Tech House, and Deep Tech. If I had to describe my personal style, it would be versatile house.

Some of my biggest influences are Jamie Jones, Carl Cox, and Hernan Cattaneo. Musically, I resonate with Jamie Jones the most. Technically, I greatly admire Carl Cox’s skills, and on a personal and professional level, Hernan Cattaneo is the ultimate role model.

No Me Gusta Encasillarme En Un Solo Género Musical, La Base De Mi Estilo Es El House Y Dependiendo Del Contexto Donde Me Toque Poner Música Me Gusta Combinarlo Con Deep House, Funky House, Jacking House O Tech House Y Deep Tech. En Definitiva, Si Tuviera Que Describir Mi Propio Estilo Personal Lo Describiría Como Un House Versátil. Alguna De Mis Mayores Influencias Son Jamie Jones, Carl Cox Y Hernan Cattaneo. A Nivel Musical Me Siento Más Identificada Con Jamie Jones, A Niveles De Técnica Admiro Mucho Lo Que Hace Carl Y A Nivel Personal Y Profesional Hernan Es Un Gran Modelo A Seguir.

5. Could You Share Some Insights Into Your Creative Process? How Do You Curate Sets And Connect With Your Audience Through Music?

A favorable point for me is that before being a DJ, I was a clubber for many years, so I have listened to a lot of DJs playing and experienced different sensations. That is why when I am preparing a DJ set, I try to imagine myself on the dance floor and how I would like to feel at that moment. Then, if I see a good reaction from the crowd while playing, the connection with them will be inevitable.

Un Punto Favorable Para Mí Es Que Antes De Ser DJ, Fui Clubber Durante Muchos Años, Por Lo Cual He Escuchado En Vivo A Muchos DJs Y Experimentado Diferentes Sensaciones. Es Por Eso Que, A La Hora De Preparar Un DJ Set, Trato De Imaginarme A Mí En La Pista Y Cómo Me Gustaría Sentirme En Ese Momento. Luego, Si Veo Una Buena Reacción Por Parte De La Gente Mientras Toco, La Conexión Con Ellos Será Inevitable.

6. What Has Been Your Most Memorable Experience As A DJ So Far In Your Career?

The most memorable experience in my career is undoubtedly the Dalt Vila show, a wonderful place no matter where you look at it. That was one of the best days of my life. The realization of a dream is something that I cannot describe with words.

La Experiencia Más Memorable En Mi Carrera Es, Sin Duda, El Show En Dalt Vila, Un Lugar Maravilloso Sin Importar Dónde Lo Mires. Ese Fue Uno De Los Mejores Días De Mi Vida. La Realización De Un Sueño Es Algo Que No Puedo Describir Con Palabras.

7. How Do You Prepare For A Gig, And What Is Your Process For Selecting And Mixing Tracks During A Set?

As I said before, I always try to imagine myself on the dance floor and how I would like to feel at that moment… I also always keep in mind what is my “slot” in the event and who are the DJs with whom I am going to share the booth… For example, if I have to warm up for a certain DJ, I try to select music accordingly.

Como Dije Anteriormente, Siempre Trato De Imaginarme A Mí En La Pista Y Cómo Me Gustaría Sentirme En Ese Momento… También Siempre Tengo En Cuenta Cuál Es Mi “Slot” En El Evento Y Con Qué DJs Voy A Compartir La Cabina… Por Ejemplo, Si Me Toca Hacer Warm-Up Para Un Determinado DJ, Intento Seleccionar Música Acorde.

8. Can You Share With Us Any Upcoming Projects Or Collaborations That You Have In The Works?

Right now, I am working with my friend Franco Musachi on a lot of new music.

En Este Momento, Estoy Trabajando Con Mi Amigo Franco Musachi En Mucha Música Nueva.

9. How Do You Stay Current With New Music Trends And Discover New Artists And Tracks To Include In Your Sets?

I always try to acquire new music. I really like to be inspired by the charts of the DJs I like, and I always try to keep an eye on the new releases from my favorite labels.

Siempre Intento Adquirir Música Nueva. Me Gusta Mucho Inspirarme En Los Charts De Los DJs Que Me Gustan Y Siempre Trato De Estar Pendiente De Los Nuevos Lanzamientos De Mis Sellos Favoritos.

10. Can You Talk About Your Experience As A Resident DJ At Treehouse Miami And How It Has Helped You Develop Your Skills And Style?

I think being a resident at Treehouse helped me a lot to refine my style. I had space to experiment and try new things. In addition to being a tourist attraction, the audience was always very varied, and that was also a great challenge.

Creo Que Haber Sido Residente De Treehouse Me Ayudó Muchísimo A Afinar Mi Estilo. Tuve Espacio Para Experimentar Y Probar Cosas Nuevas. Además De Ser Un Punto Turístico, El Público Siempre Fue Muy Variado, Y Eso También Fue Un Gran Desafío.

11. Can You Talk About Your Experience As A DJ At IMS 2023?

My experience as a DJ at IMS was very rewarding. I had the chance to play at Destino Pacha Resort during the convention and at the closing party in Dalt Vila, two different but beautiful venues. The happiness of being there fulfilling a dream invades my body, and that’s why I had a great time. Also, I always felt very supported by the academy team, and I never lacked anything. I received a lot of good energy from the people during and after my sets, and I think that also contributed to the wonderful experience.

Mi Experiencia Como DJ En El IMS Fue Muy Gratificante. Tuve La Posibilidad De Pinchar En Destino Pacha Resort Durante La Convención Y En La Fiesta De Cierre En Dalt Vila, Dos Lugares Distintos Pero Hermosos. La Felicidad De Estar Ahí Cumpliendo Un Sueño Invade Mi Cuerpo Y Por Eso La Pasé Muy Bien. Además, Siempre Me Sentí Muy Respaldada Por Parte Del Equipo De La Academia Y Nunca Me Faltó Nada. Recibí Mucha Buena Energía De La Gente Durante Y Después De Mis Sets, Y Creo Que Eso También Contribuyó A La Maravillosa Experiencia.

12. What Advice Would You Give To Aspiring DJs Who Are Just Starting Out In The Industry?

The advice that I would give to new aspirants to be a DJ is to get a lot of training, to listen to a lot of music, and, most of all, to see how others do it—people who they admire and people close to them too. Go out and listen to live music, but also listen to music at home. Stay updated and learn to differentiate styles so that it allows them to define their own. They should follow their heart and what makes them happy, help other colleagues when they have the possibility, and always try to be as professional and correct as possible.

El Consejo Que Les Daría A Los Nuevos Aspirantes A Ser DJ Es Que Se Capaciten Mucho, Que Escuchen Mucha Música Y, Sobre Todo, Que Observen Cómo Lo Hacen Los Demás: Personas A Las Cuales Admiran Y Personas Cercanas También. Salgan Y Escuchen Música En Vivo, Pero También Escuchen Música En Sus Casas. Manténganse Actualizados Y Aprendan A Diferenciar Estilos Para Que Les Permita Definir El Propio. Deben Seguir Su Corazón Y Lo Que Les Hace Felices, Ayudar A Sus Compañeros Cuando Tengan La Posibilidad E Intentar Ser Siempre Lo Más Profesionales Y Correctos Posible.

13. Have You Ever Accidentally Hit The Wrong Button Or Played The Wrong Song During A Live Set? Any Memorable “Oops” Moments?

I believe all of us have made a mistake in our career. One night, I had to close a party, and I loaded my first track on the CDJ, which was playing the last track of the DJ who was playing before. It was a communication mistake, but it made me die of shame. Of course, I apologized to the previous DJ and asked her if she wanted to play another track so she could close her set correctly.

Creo Que Todos Hemos Cometido Algún Error En Nuestra Carrera. Una Vez, Tuve Que Cerrar Una Fiesta Y Cargué Mi Primera Canción En El CDJ, Que Estaba Reproduciendo La Última Canción Del DJ Que Estaba Tocando Antes. Fue Un Error De Comunicación, Pero Me Dio Mucha Vergüenza. Por Supuesto, Me Disculpé Con El DJ Anterior Y Le Pregunté Si Quería Elegir Otra Canción Para Que Pudiera Cerrar Su Set Correctamente.

14. When Can We See You Playing Live In Ibiza?

I have not received any proposals yet, but I hope my return to the island will be soon. I fell in love with Ibiza, and I would love to return every year.

Aún No He Recibido Ninguna Propuesta, Pero Espero Que Mi Regreso A La Isla Sea Pronto. Me Enamoré De Ibiza Y Me Encantaría Volver Todos Los Años.

Thank You So Much, Ibiza Live Radio, For The Invitation.

Muchas Gracias, Ibiza Live Radio, Por La Invitación.


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