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In The Heart Of The Newly Reimagined Ocean Drive Hotel, A Tale Unfolded – One Where I Found Myself In Conversation With None Other Than Ferry Corsten.

The Ocean Drive Ibiza, a captivating legend in its own right, draws inspiration from South Beach’s architecture and the vivacity of 1920s New York. Here, the rhythms of Ibiza’s music scene merge seamlessly with a prime location. Beyond hosting renowned DJs and offering breakfast until noon, it’s a haven of comfort that instantly feels like home.
Set against the backdrop of Dalt Vila’s splendor, a UNESCO World Heritage site,
Ferry Corsten shared insights into today’s music scene, his creative journey, and the evolution of electronic beats. As this narrative continues to unfold, mark your calendar for September 14th at Shine (Eden) – a night when his show will grace Ibiza once more.
And for those who seek more, remember to tune in to Ibiza Live Radio on August 19th at 22:00 CET we will be hosting Ferry Corsten show on Ibiza Live Radio – a night where his exceptional musical talent takes center stage.

Lets Dive Into The Musical Journey Of Ferry Corsten

“What influenced the leaning changes in your sound & how did your fans received it ?

“It’s been something that has been growing on me gradually over time. I’ve always been very open-minded about music. Then, of course, there’s my biggest success, which was in the trance genre. However, my interest in music goes far beyond that. It spans from ambient to drum and bass, and everything in between, which I’ve always loved. While I do tend to lean towards the darker and deeper side of that spectrum, what I truly appreciate about the current sound is its incorporation of big, melodic elements. I’ve always been heavily influenced by these significant melodies in my music. Another thing is, and I say this with the utmost respect, the current sound of pure trance isn’t resonating with me. It’s become stagnant over the last several years, not moving forward. So, I’m gradually stepping away from that altogether. I’m focusing on extracting the elements that excite me and incorporating them into my music, which is what I’m currently doing.”

“Could you share the behind-the-scenes story of your latest single, ‘Mind Trip’?”

“Absolutely. I wanted to delve into a darker and deeper sound for a track that’s part of my upcoming album, set to be released in the first quarter of next year (2024). While aiming for a darker tone, I can’t resist infusing a strong, captivating hook into my music. Consequently, the track maintains a prominent melodic vibe. An interesting aspect is the inclusion of an AI-generated vocal in the break, which doesn’t actually exist in reality. I coined the term ‘mind trip’ and employed AI to help craft a narrative around it. I received a complete text describing the concept of a mind trip, and from there, I pieced together a story. I then used another application to generate the voice, and I made further edits, tuning, and adding accents to ensure it harmonized with the track. This process resulted in a fascinating addition to the track’s composition.”

“Can you provide some insights into your upcoming album?”

“Of course. As I mentioned earlier, the upcoming album will be quite diverse, reflecting where I am creatively. It’ll encompass various genres, including dark and upbeat elements. However, I’m avoiding the repetitive sounds that have dominated the scene for the past seven to eight years. The album will be an amalgamation of influences, from breaks and rave to house and techno, presenting a very dynamic and varied collection. I’m collaborating with emerging artists, such as Cubicore from Ukraine, who’s part of our label. There are more intriguing collaborations in the works, but I’m keeping those under wraps for now. As we approach the album’s release, more details about these collaborations will be revealed.”

“As an experienced artist, what challenges do you encounter in music production, and how do you overcome them?”

“Being a versatile artist working across multiple genres, a significant challenge is determining what truly defines ‘me’ within the spectrum of these genres. Over the years, I’ve explored different styles, and even when I try to conceal my signature, it always seems to emerge. My unique touch surfaces in the way I lay down chords and craft melodies, setting my music apart. Additionally, stepping into unfamiliar genres can be a bit intimidating – questions arise like ‘Is this good enough?’ and ‘Does it fit the genre?’ Overcoming this involves embracing the mindset of creating music that resonates with me, irrespective of genre expectations. Ultimately, if people connect with it, great; if not, I move on to the next track.”

“How do you select tracks for your live sets during performances?”

“Choosing tracks for my live sets can be a bit challenging, especially when it comes to my own music. It’s easy to opt for the well-known hits that everyone expects. However, I find it rewarding to delve into tracks that might have slipped off people’s radar. Fortunately, I host ‘What the F*’ shows, which are exclusively focused on my own music, allowing me to bring back tracks that might have been forgotten. When I perform at festivals, I make an effort to select a few of my own tracks that haven’t been overplayed. It’s about finding the right balance and delivering an experience that resonates with the audience.”

“What are your thoughts on the current state of the electronic music industry, and where do you see yourself heading in the future?”

“The current state of the electronic music scene appears quite robust. There’s a healthy energy within it at the moment. What’s particularly intriguing is the cross-pollination of genres, with each one drawing inspiration from the others. This dynamic interchange excites me; it’s almost as if it’s giving rise to new subgenres that hadn’t been explored before. I find this trend incredibly appealing, as it fosters innovation. In the past, there was a time when artists were confined to their own niches, but now, the scene is embracing diversity and exploration. As for the future, it’s uncertain where exactly we’re headed. This current evolution could pave the way for the emergence of the next significant trend or innovation. While the destination remains unknown, I believe the journey will be filled with exciting possibilities.”

“What role does the audience’s response play in shaping the live event’s atmosphere?”

“The audience is undoubtedly the driving force behind any event. The success of a performance hinges on how the audience responds to the music. A DJ’s role is as essential as the audience’s reception of their performance. Even the best set can fall flat if the audience isn’t vibing with it. It’s crucial to remember that as a DJ, I’m there to create an atmosphere, but the audience brings life to that atmosphere. The synergy between the audience and the music is what truly defines the overall experience.”

“What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?”

“The worst advice I’ve received was from an A&R executive in the past, suggesting that I should make music similar to someone else’s style. I believe in creating music that’s authentic to me, not replicating what’s already out there. It’s important for artists to trust their own instincts and sound. Following someone else’s path might yield short-term results, but it won’t lead to genuine artistic expression. A signature sound that’s true to oneself holds much more value than imitating others.”

“Could you share more about your other project and give a sneak peek for your fans?”

“Absolutely. Apart from my work as Ferry Corsten, I have another creative outlet known as FERR. This project focuses on ambient and cinematic sounds. My last album, ‘As Above So Below,’ was released in 2020. While I’m currently working on my Ferry Corsten album, I’m also crafting ambient pieces on the side. These ethereal compositions are slowly shaping into a new FERR album, which I’m anticipating will be ready for release next year. It’s an exciting venture that allows me to explore a different musical dimension.”

As the echoes of our conversation fade into the rhythm of Ibiza’s nightlife, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ferry Corsten for sharing his insights, stories, and musical passion. A special thanks also goes out to the Ocean Drive Ibiza for setting the stage for this engaging encounter. To all those who joined us on this journey, whether through the words on this page or the beats in the air, your presence is deeply appreciated. For those seeking to relive this experience or catch it for the first time, the video recording of this interview is available on our Spotify podcast and YouTube channel.
Until the next chapter unfolds, may the melodies continue to guide and inspire us all.


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