Written by on April 12, 2020


About 1 week ago, we called DJs from around the world to send us their mixes. In these times of isolation, lockdown and a lot of uncertainty about the future of music professionals, we from Ibiza Live Radio had the idea to give away 10 1 h DJ slots at our prime time, 7 – 8 pm CEST, time in Europe and – of course – Ibiza. So that we can contribute a bit to the community and provide spot on our platform to shine and to reach an international crowd.

We were overwhelmed by the shows coming in from many countries, amazing quality concerning sound selection and mixing techniques and it was so hard to choose.
But decisions have to be made, and here we go.

These are the final 10 DJs who can showcase their talent starting monday 13th May, on 10 consecutive days, always starting at 7. Lock in and STAY TUNED. Except great sound from 9 countries. Housemusic unites us in these difficult days.

13/04 Los Profundos (EGY)
14/04 Manficha (UKR)
15/04 Ancient (UAE)
16/04 Nipkoss (ITA)
17/04 Alec T Adams (DE)
18/04 Ramon Baron (NL)
19/04 Christ´of (FR)
20/04 Marcos Salinas (DE)
21/04 Paderevski (POL)
22/04 Analogic (ES)

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